Friday, February 29, 2008

Palos episode 24

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Palos episode 23

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Palos episode 22

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Palos episode 21

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Palos episode 20

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Palos episode 19

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Palos episode 18

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Palos episode 17

Palos episode 17,Vittorio discovers Allesandro's true intentions.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jolina Magdangal chose "Pinoy Idol" over "Kaputol Ng Isang Awit"

Pinay celebrity actress Jolina Magdangal chose "Pinoy Idol" over "Kaputol Ng Isang Awit".

"Totoo po na in-offer sa akin ang Kaputol Ng Isang Awit, hindi po totoong nasulot sa akin ang project dahil mas pinili ko po itong pagiging judge ko sa Pinoy Idol. Nauna po talagang in-offer sa akin yung Sine Novela, pero dumating din po ang approval ng Fremantle [franchise holder ng Pinoy Idol] sa resume ko submitted by GMA Network, na ako nga raw ang magiging isa sa mga judges, at sina Kuya Ogie at Tito Wyngard ang kasama ko. Kailangan ko pong pumili lang ng isa. Kung pareho ko pong tatanggapin, may conflict na sa schedule. Ang taping po ng soap ay every Tuesdays and Saturdays, samantalang we will tour the Philippines para sa audition ng Pinoy Idol. Nasa ruling po ng Fremantle na once lang kaming puwedeng mag-absent. Although sayang ang Kaputol Ng Isang Awit, mas pinili ko na po ang Pinoy Idol. Pero unfair po namang sabihing hindi bagay ang role kay Glaiza. Dahil nakita ko na po na mahusay siyang umarte, maganda rin po siyang kumanta, plus marunong pa siyang tumugtog ng gitara," -Jolina Magdangal

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Palos Episode 16

Palos episode 16,Giancarlo introduces his girlfriend to his grandmother.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Palos Episode 15

Palos Episode 15,Allesandro orders an ambush on Fabio and Giancarlo.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Palos Episode 14

Here is the episode 14 of Palos, When Giancarlo traps Fabio.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Palos Episode 13

Fabio tells Gian Carlo that he did not kill Grazella.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Palos Episode 12

Carmela discovers the true relation of Fabio to Giancarlo.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Palos Episode 11

Who will save Giancarlo's life?

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Palos Epsiode 10

Giancarlo meets Fabio face to face.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Joaquin Bordado "The story"

Joaquin Bordado, which was originally created by comics maverick Carlo J. Caparas in the late 70s, is about the adventures of Joaquin Apacible (Robin Padilla), a sales agent cum police asset-assassin whose life and death changes when he becomes the chosen heir of powerful tattoos.

When asked if this will be a telefantasya, Robin replies that even if it will have a lot of whimsical elements, viewers should treat it differently. “Mabigat po [ang] aral nito. Yan po ang aming binabantayan ni direk Mac [Alejandre]. Ayaw namin ng para lang makagawa ng fantasy. Gusto ko, storya.”

Joaquin Bordado’s powerful tattoos originated from the land of the witches hundreds of years ago. An evil witch named Elixera wanted to seize all the powers of the good witches. To do so, she sought the help of witch goddess Ivanna who gave Elixera the Xelvarria, a magical chest that contains the most evil forces known to man. Elixerra uses the Xelvarria to send out all the beasts and evil warriors to kill the good witches and seize their powers.

Elixera was able to conquer all the good witches in the land except for one – Jilco (BJ Forbes), a powerful young boy who was able to summon all his tattoos to kill Elixera. But the young warlock fails to destroy the powerful chest of Xelvarria.

Decades later, a man named Joaquin Bordado discovers a secret that totally changes his life. A series of unfortunate events lead him behind bars and introduce him to Jilco (Pen Medina), the warlock who almost destroyed the Xelvarria years before. With the help of this mysterious new friend, Joaquin will be able to defy death and take on a new identity and mission.

“I think [people] should watch out for the tattoos coming alive – I’m really excited [for that]!” Iza enthuses. “Sana may ganoon din ako – magpapatato rin ako, pero parang scary!” As Sofia Apacible, Joaquin’s devoted wife, Iza imparts that her character will go through the test of accepting Joaquin’s fate and ultimately prove that her love is enough to hold on to what they have as a family.

Joaquin Bordado will premiere on February 11, replacing the Zaido slot. With well-renowned directors Mac Alejandre and Argel Joseph at the helm together with the creative team headed by Suzette Doctolero, Joaquin Bordado boasts of a world-class production.

See the impressive costume design by Noel Flores, the state of the art set by Richard Somes, the remarkable production design by Roy Red, and the stunning visual effects by Larger Than Life. Furthermore, be swept away the breathtaking adventures Joaquin Bordado with its theme song titled “Wag Kang Matakot” performed by Shamrock.

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The Cast of Joaquin Bordado

After his explosive adventure in Asian Treasures (2007), first-rate action star Robin Padilla returns to GMA Telebabad to bring to life the incessant battle of good and evil in the adventures of a famous comic character with powerful tattoos – Joaquin Bordado.

Robin says the audience will definitely see something new from him, since Joaquin is completely different from his former character Elias in Asian Treasures. “Malayo po! Ang character ni Elias, hinahanap pa lang niya ang pagkatao niya. Dito sa Joaquin Bordado, una pa lamang, kilala na ni Joaquin kung sino siya at ano siya. Siya ang gumagawa ng kanyang kapalaran. Kasi doon sa Asian Treasures, iba yun -- siya yung sumusunod sa dumarating. Happy-go-lucky si Elias; ito hindi. Character talaga. Mabigat.”

Joaquin Bordado boasts of a powerhouse cast and an emotionally gripping storyline highlighted with death-defying and never before seen action scenes. Joining Robin in this breathtaking program are Mark Herras, Pen Medina, comedians Ariel and Maverick, Ryza Cenon, Iwa Moto, BJ Forbes, and Renz Valerio.

Robin’s leading lady is sought-after actress and recent international success Iza Calzado, whose last primetime show was Impostora with Sunshine Dizon. Iza shares that she’s excited to work with Robin again after their short stint in the indie flick Blackout (2007). “Hopefully, Robin and I will deliver beyond expectations,” she says, and adds that she’s looking forward to Joaquin Bordado’s great story which has a lot of heart.

Also included are the newest additions to the roster of Kapuso talents: Ralph Padilla as the best friend of Joaquin’s brother Jason (Mark Herras), and Kylie (Padilla) in her first ever special role as Erenea, the mighty warrior girl tattoo of Joaquin Bordado. Kylie is gifted with skills in various disciplines of martial arts and will be built up by GMA-7 to be the newest action princess. She is now a contract star of GMA Artist Center.

Making Joaquin’s life miserable are the villains who are both human and non-mortals headed by multi-awarded artist Eddie Garcia, Ian Veneracion, Rommel Padilla, John Regala, Mon Confiado, Rez Cortez, and Antonio Aquitania.

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Richard Gutierez and Marian Rivera

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lobo Episode 10

Lobo Episode 10

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Palos Episode 9

episode 9

Find out why Allesandro hates Fabio.

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Behind the scene pics of Zaido Pulis Pangkalawakan

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Lobo Episode 9

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Palos Episode 8

palos Episode 8,Will Mario and Luigi discover the real identity of Fabio?

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Lobo Episode 8

Lobo Episode 8,The House of Elle will be having a big party.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Palos Episode 7

Palos episode no. 7

Fabio discovers that Grazella is already dead.

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Kakasa kaba sa Grade 5?

It is one thing to have a wacky professor, but a nutty one? Well in Janno Gibbs’ case, we have proven how nuts he can be especially when he portrays Lollipop in the Balakubak portion of Nuts Entertainment Just 4 Play. Janno also showed that he can be an effective and gregarious teacher in the exciting game show Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5? Put the two together and what do you have?

Janno Gibbs’ humor has established his career as a comedian. With sitcoms like Manoy and Mokong, Ober da Bakod and Beh! Bote Nga among others, Janno’s knack to make people laugh has made him one of the bankable comedians in the land. But wait, how can a comic be a respectable Chairman of the Blackboard?

Quite comfortable doing sitcoms and gag shows, Janno Gibbs is a very valuable part of Nuts Entertainment Just 4 Play. The Balakubak triumvirate is the biggest factor why this program has been doing well in the ratings game. Joey de Leon, Anjo Yllana and Janno Gibbs have discovered the right formula to engage the viewers as well as to leave a lasting mark in the history of Philippine television via their Bulungan portion.

“Pag sinabing bulong magtatanong ako sa kanila (Joey and Anjo), right then and there kung ano ang itatanong namin, wala kaming script dun e, adlib lang lahat. 'Yung questions talaga sa Bulong daring talaga, but of course kino-consider namin 'yung guest kung hanggang saan 'yung kaya nya. Kaya naman pumapayag 'yung guest na sumagot talaga kasi proven na from all our guests na wala talagang leakage. Even our staff tatanungin kami ‘ano 'yung binulong nyo?’ ay secret, kaming tatlo lang talaga ang nakakaalam,” explains Janno.

Speaking of the Balakubak portion, working with his mentor Joey de Leon, has definitely made him a better comedian.

“Si Joey de Leon idol ko talaga yan!” Exclaims Janno Gibbs when iGMA asked what song he will dedicate to Joey during a game in his Exclusive Live Chat with

But he was quick to differentiate himself with the other hosts of Balakubak.

“Ako 'yung pinaka malandi talaga! Sa aming tatlo, ako 'yung pinaka girl. Kasi 'yung dalawa ang ano nila gay, ako ang feel ko, girl ako! Ang tina-try kong i-ayos as a girl and hindi as bading. Ako lang ang nag me-makeup talaga, nag fa-false eye lashes, accessories nagdadala ako, humihiram ako sa wife ko ng clothes or I buy my own.”

A credible host

A lot of people were surprised when Janno got the hosting stint forKakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5? But Janno Gibbs has proven that he can be a credible Chairman of the Blackboard and lead the 10 whiz kids in challenging the show’s contestants if they are indeed smarter than a fifth grader.

Injecting humor into the game show might have been the reason why Janno is successful in hosting the program. He has managed to make the otherwise serious quiz show light and engaging.

Also, Janno has no qualms in admitting that he finds some of the questions in the game as quite difficult.

“Sinasabayan ko 'yung contestant, tina-try kong sagutin ['yung questions] pero ewan ko parang 'di ko na naalala 'yung grade school lessons ko (laughs).”

When we asked him why he thinks people finds the show engaging as proven by their ratings every week, he has this to say:

“People like to be informed, to be educated that is first and foremost. Gustong gusto ng tao 'yung may bago silang na 'di-discover. Tapos bonus na lang that it is fun, at ginagawa kong light 'yung show.”

Now that’s the genius of being a nutty professor!

Catch Janno at his best in Nuts Entertainment Just 4 Play and Kakasa Ka Bas a Grade 5? only on GMA.

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Kung Fu Kids

From the team that brought you the family-favorite Super Inggo comes another kiddie superserye to watch out for! Kung Fu Kids tells the story of Lembot (Jairus Aquino), a sickly nine-year old boy who dreams of learning martial arts to defend himself against neigborhood bullies and to measure up to his father's expectations. Unfortunately, he gets entangled in an ancient battle that endangers his family and friends. Under the tutelage of a Kung Fu master, Lembot trains with other Kung Fu Kids to fight the forces of evil. See how challeging it would be as these exceptional kids deal with serious family issues and enjoy their lives as children while saving the world in secret.

Also showcasing their high-kicks are other talented child actors namely Paul Salas, Eliza Pineda, Jane Oineza, Kristopher Dangculos, Joshua Dionisio, and Andre Garcia. Joining these kids are Sid Lucero, Allen Dizon, Matteo Guidicelli, Erich Gonzales, Kian Kazemi, and Asia Agcaoilli, with the special participation of Jodi Sta. Maria and Mariel Rodriguez. Comeback stars Arlene Muhlach, Gerard Pizarras, and Wowie De Guzman also add spice to the powerhouse cast.

Get ready for some impressive special effects and unbelievable action stunts every night on Primetime Bida!

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Are you ready to hide behind the couch? This February, GMA-7 premieres another astounding program that sure to get viewers glued to the screen -- while scaring them out of their wits.

We’ve seen a lot of horror movies and television shows, and we’ve read a whole lot more. But there’s always something new to be seen -- and getting scared never gets old.

“Hindi naman namin sasabihing totally different (ang show),” Redgie Magno, program manager, says. She explains that the show was inspired by a lot of programs -- both local and foreign, but it doesn’t mean that the show doesn’t have an original plot. “Actually, ‘di ba, halos pare-pareho lang ‘yung mga kwento ng panggulat, pananakot, at iba pa?”

She reveals that to give the show a unique touch, the director Argel Joseph refused to watch the shows that inspired the program. “Para daw ‘yung sarili niyang execution ang makita dito sa show.”What sets ESP apart from other horror-suspense programs is that it doesn’t center on the supernatural. At the heart of it all, it’s the story of a woman who’s trying to change her life."

And that woman is played by Iza Calzado. Iza is happy with her new role as she gets to do something she has always wanted to try: news casting.

The actress says that her character is all her own, though she couldn’t help but pick up tips from other newscasters as well. Iza even says that Cherry Pie Picache’s role in Bikini Open was very helpful to the creating of Cassandra, her character on ESP.

Francine Prieto, who also stars on the show, says it’s hard to peg a character on someone real, a statement that Iza also agrees with.

ESP will air every Thursday night, replacing the successful and long-running Magpakailanman. Both Iza and Francine admit being intimidated by the show they would have to live up to.

“Siyempre po, five years ang tinagal niya,” Francine says of the show they’re replacing. “Lahat po kami, pressured talaga.”

But she also says that they are confident with the work they’ve done and will continue doing.

Iza, on the other hand, says there will always be pressure. But for her, there’s “less pressure, dahil ibang-iba ‘yung format nung show. And marami kami, so I believe ‘yung teamwork namin, if we work together and really hard at this, maganda ‘yung (magiging) produkto.”

Both actresses and the rest of the creative team hope that ESP will do well. Especially because everyone involved in the show is giving a hundred percent to make the program the best it can be.

“I have done several horror and suspense films,” Iza explains that though this is her first TV show that deals with horror and suspense, there is no difference in the way both are filmed. “Matagal po talagang gumawa ng horror dahil sa shots, pero lahat kami willing mag-stay up late.

“And kung lahat kami ganito ang prinsipyo sa pagta-trabaho, then I know na maganda ang magiging resulta.”

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Lobo Episode 7

Lobo Episode 7,Lady Elle introduces her new bodyguard to Lyka.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Palos Episode 6

Find out if Giancarlo will be able to capture Fabio this time around?

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Joaquin Bordado

As GMA readies to premiere its first primetime offering for the year 2008, read all about Robin Padilla’s preparations to become the next Joaquin Bordado, as well as the story behind this incarnation of the original Carlo J. Caparas work.

From the original work of Carlo J. Caparas, Joaquin Bordado rises once more in a new story that centers on the importance of family.

Lead star Robin Padilla reveals that the story is very important to him, “ayaw namin na para lang makagawa ng fantasy.”

He admits that he’s taken a special interest in how the story would unravel, just like the show’s first-unit director Mac Alejandre.

“Ang gusto natin ipakita sa istorya -- na talagang ipinagpilitan ko: ang ibalik ang pamilyang Pilipino,” the action star says. He explains that the family is still the most important thing in life. “Hindi dapat tayo sumabay sa Western-style ng pagpapalaki. Pinoy tayo eh, iba tayo.”

“Dapat hindi mawala ‘yun,” Robin says that the writers of the show are making sure the story doesn’t veer off from the path they’ve set out for it to travel. Robin shares that he really wants the youth to be exposed to the traditional Filipino family again, the type where the parents do everything they can to keep their relationship intact.

“'Yun ‘yung aming (goal) dito.”

Robin says that after Asian Treasures where they went around the country to reintroduce the youth to Philippine history, “dapat pag-uugali namn, (at) kultura.”

“Dahan-dahan,” the actor explains. He says Filipinos don’t like getting pounded on the head with morals and values, so they’re making sure they don’t go too far. “Hindi natin mamasahin ng todo.”

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Lobo Episode 6

Lobo Episode 6,Noah and Lyka meet again.

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Monday, February 4, 2008


After launching an explosive galactic adventure, GMA Network brings to light its newest and most spectacular telefantasya that will bring the viewers to the world of mortals and the realm of the animal kingdom with the breathtaking journey of a young man whose snake-like powers make him today’s newest superhero -- Kamandag.

Kamandag is based on the popular Carlo J. Caparas comic strip in People’s Tonight in the early ‘80’s. With a powerhouse cast led by today’s most sought-after actor Richard Gutierrez as Kamandag, this newest primetime program offers an awe-inspiring journey of a superhero as he searches for love, family, self-identity and purpose.

Joining Richard in this spectacular primetime program are Johnny Delgado, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Zoren Legaspi, Maxene Magalona, Jewel Mische, Ehra Madrigal, Francine Prieto, Benjie Paras and the newest member of the Kapuso Network, Eula Valdez.

Completing the star-studded cast are Ronaldo Valdez, Ariel Rivera, Emilio Garcia, Melissa Mendez, Mike Nacua, Elvis Gutierrez, Gardo Versoza, Rainier Castillo, Sam Bumatay, Francis Magundayao, Justin Rosana and Martin delos Santos.

Aside from its cast and its blood-pumping story, Kamandag is also highly impressive with its action-packed sequences. Expect the presence of mixed martial arts in the movements of Richard who was specially trained by no less than Filipino-American international Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) superstar Brandon “The Truth” Vera.

With renowned directors Mark Reyes and Topel Lee, Kamandag boasts of a world-calss production, from the awe-inspiring story to the state-of-the-art props, costumes, set design as well as stunning visual effects by Larger Than Life. Feel the exciting adventure of Kamandag further with its theme song as performed by First Circle.

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Maging akin ka Lamang

Obsession. Possession. Deception. How far will you go to seize the love of another? This is the immortal theme of the 1987 Lino Brocka classic, Maging Akin Ka Lamang. Excellent filmmaking and award winning acting, can the television version top that record?

In the sixth Sinenovela offering of GMA, the drama seems more poignant and more dangerous. Maging Akin Ka Lamang is one of the darker love stories directed by the one and only Lino Brocka. Its intense analysis of what people are capable of doing for the sake of love is a theme that most Filipinos can relate to.

Will the series be as passionate and as deep? Will it give justice to the movie?

Director for the series Gil Tejada Jr. (Mga Mata ni Anghelita, Bakekang) answers, “we’re not yet through with the series so let’s just say that I think with the pilot episode, I think we gave justice to the film.”

Of course, the pressure is on the young actors who will have to work with the notion that they are being compared to the original critically acclaimed cast. They all watched the movie and they were all in awe of the veteran actors who gave life to the characters that they are about to portray.

Polo Ravales and Nadine Samonte have been cast in the lead roles once played by Christopher de Leon and Dina Bonevie respectively. Are they up to the challenge?

“Mahirap, nakakatakot. Target ko nga kahit kalahati lang ng performance niya (Christopher de Leon) makuha ko eh. Pero dahil sa tulong nila direk, ok naman.” Polo humbly states.

Nadine, who is not a novice to the Sinenovela genre, says, “sobrang hirap ng role dito pero ready na ako.”

With Carlo Aquino, playing a role once rendered by the late Jay Ilagan, and Isabel Oli as Rosita, immortalized by Lorna Tolentino, it is indeed a young cast. The next question is if the series will be faithful to the original plot?

“Well, especially with Nadine and Isabel, mas bata-bata sila as compared to Lorna and Dina. We did some adjustments in acting and characterization.” Direk Gil also clarifies.

Veteran actors Pinky Amador, Juan Rodrigo, Dexter Doria, and Alicia Alonzo provide a solid support for the young lead actors.

Ms. Pinky Amador shares, “I have worked with Polo Ravales before in Anna Karenina, ang laki ng improvement niya.” Then she comments on the general performance of the “young” ones. “They’re very serious about their work.”

Mike Tan and Arci Muñoz complete the impressive cast. Both of them are looking forward to their roles and are eager to learn from the experience.

He has had a lot of shows but this is Mike Tan’s first Sinenovela. He reveals, “additional character ako.” This means that he is one of the many new twists added to make the show even more compelling. Then adds, “gusto ko talaga drama, ever since. Dati hindi pa talaga ako marunong. Ngayon, ready na ako.”

The balance of the old and the new, the veterans and the neophytes, the classic and the modern, will surely give Maging Akin Ka Lamang that special something that will enthrall audience now as it did a decade ago.

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Palos Episode 5

Fabio regains a new identity to cover himself up.

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GMA's Famous Love Teams

Isabel Oli and Carlo Aquino

Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierez

Polo Ravales and Nadine Samonte

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes

Mark Herras and Rian Santos

Richad Gutierez and Maxene Magalona

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My Best Friend's Girlfriend is 'perfect' Valentine movie

Here are some behind the scenes pictures in the set of My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

Evo (Richard Gutierrez) and Grace (Marian Rivera) meet at a stag party and it's hate at first sight. “Parang naisip noong character ko talaga na I’ll never fall in love with that type of girl. Yung character naman ni [Marian] feels the same way," says Richard. While Evo is a spoiled, arrogant kid who doesn’t know what to do in life, Grace is a hard working student who finds joy in things despite her circumstances.

The movie ads for My Best Friend’s Girlfriend show Marian popping out of a giant cake – a scene from the film’s stag party. According to GMA Films president Ms. Annette Gozon, this was actually the image that sparked the idea for the plot. “Pinag-usapan lang namin na parang ang sarap panoorin na lumalabas si Marian sa cake. So [from that] picture, bumuo na kami ng kwento around it," she says.

“Actually, sumayaw ako doon [sa stag party], mapapanood nila sa movie," says Marian. “Nagulat ako – ha? Stag party? Ano suot ko doon? Akala ko syempre pag ganoon, medyo daring! Pero hindi. Alaga naman nila ako doon. Alam nila na kahit papaano, conservative pa rin dating ko."

Grace isn’t really a sexy dancer, however. She was just forced to accept that job out of need. “Grace needed some money for an emergency that’s why she took the job and danced. Maraming mangyayari sa stag party na yun na magiging memorable for both the characters," says Richard.

Marian explains, “Noong nagkasakit [kasi] yung nanay ko, parang ako na bumuhay sa kanila, tapos may kapatid akong special child. So ako laging inaasahan sa bahay." She admits that Grace’s personality is not far from her own, especially when it comes to being kalog. “Kaya ang ganda niya, ang sarap niyang i-shoot talaga!"

In the story, Evo and Grace start off as mortal enemies but when Evo uses Grace to make his girlfriend (Ehra Madrigal) jealous, things start getting complicated. “Nakilala namin yung isa’t-isa, and nagkaroon ng deeper connection," says Richard.

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Marian Rivera neither confirms nor denies "Dyesebel" role

By first of week of March ay mawawala na sa ere ang number one primetime series ngayon—ang MariMar—after almost nine months of airing. Kaya naman marami ang gustong makaalam kung ano ang magiging next project ng itinuturing na hottest property ng Kapuso network ngayon na si Marian Rivera.

Sa mga nakalinyang proyekto ng GMA-7 this year, tatlo ang itinuturing na bigatin: Joaquin Bordado, Dyesebel, at Captain Barbell Meets Darna. Ang Joaquin Bordado na pagbibidahan ni Robin Padilla ay magsisimula na this month, samantalang ang Dyesebel ay magsisiumula nang mag-taping sa March, at ang Captain Barbell Meets Darna ay malamang na later this year pa simulan.

Among the three huge productions, ang Dyesebel ang siguradong next big project ng GMA-7. And since Marian is now the network's hottest property and top crowd-drawer as proven by the success of MariMar, it seems likely that she will play the popular Pinoy mermaid. But since wala pang official statement from the management of GMA-7, nothing's definite yet.

Pero sa pakikipag-usap ng Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) kay Marian, sa second presscon ng My Best Friend's Girlfriend—GMA Films and Regal Entertainment's Valentine offering starring Marian and Richard Gutierrez—at Plaza Ibarra on Timog Ave., mukhang ang young actress na nga ang napili ng Kapuso network to play Dyesebel.

Hindi man direktang aminin ni Marian na siya nga ang gaganap na Dyesebel ay hindi rin naman nag-deny ang young actress. Basta ang tiniyak niya lang sa amin, sa pagtatapos ng MariMar ay may kasunod na siyang project sa GMA-7.

"Kapag may natatapos namang soap, talagang nakakalungkot. Pero siyempre, ‘pag merong nawawala, merong pumapalit naman," sabi ni Marian tungkol sa pagtatapos ng MariMar.

Nang tanungin kung ano kapalit na proyekto niya after ng MariMar, "secret" lang isinagot niya ‘tsaka siya tumawa.

Dagdag niya, "Ayoko munang sabihin kasi baka magalit yung management kung ano yung next project ko, eh. Basta nakausap na nila kami at may project na ako."

Matatandaan na nalaman ni Marian na siya ang gaganap na MariMar sa pamamagitan ng isang sulat mula sa SVP for Entertainment TV ng GMA-7 na si Ms. Wilma Galvante. Paano naman sinabi kay Marian ang kanyang next project?

"Sabi lang ganito, sabi ni Ms. Cheryl [Ching Sy, GMA-7's production manager], ‘Eto ang next project mo.' Ipinakita lang sa akin yung drawing lang."

Biro ng entertainment press na nakapaligid kay Marian, "May buntot ba at kaliskis sa drawing?"

Tatawa-tawa lang ang young actress habang nilalaro ang mga tape recorders sa harapan niya. "Wala akong sinasabi, ah, baka mapagalitan ako ha!" paalala niya.

Isa pang role na ikinakabit sa pangalan ni Marian ay ang Darna, na magbabalik sa telebisyon via Captain Barbell Meets Darna sa katapusan ng taon. Kung papiliin si Marian, ano mas gusto niya, Darna o Dyesebel?

"Kung bibigyan lang ako ng chance, Dyesebel!" mabilis niyang sagot. "Kasi yung Dyesebel hindi pa nagagawa sa teleserye."

Sinabi rin ni Marian na marunong siyang lumangoy, pero kailangan pa rin daw niyang mag-swimming lessons kung saka-sakali. Pero nang nakahalata siya na inaaliw na siya ng mga kausap niyang writers para tuluyan na siyang mapaamin, bigla siyang kumambiyo at sinabing: "Hindi naman ako Dyesebel ah! Ano ka ba?!"

Nang tanungin naman kung bakit ayaw niyang mag-Darna, sinabi ni Marian na "end of the year pa kasi ‘yon, eh."

Hindi pa rin tinantanan ng entertainment press si Marian at ipinagpipilitan na siya na nga ang gaganap na Dyesebel.

"Hindi! Ano ka ba?!" tili niya ulit. "Makukumpirma ko lang sa inyo, may ibinigay na sa aking next project after ng MariMar."

Kailan ang start ng taping niya for her next project?

"Wala pa. Nasabi lang," sagot ni Marian.

Sinabi namin, nalaman ng PEP mula kay Direk Joyce Bernal—na direktor din ni Marian sa MariMar—na sa March na ang simula ng taping ng Dyesebel. Si Joyce din kasi ang magiging direktor ng Dyesebel.

"Ah March ba? Di ko alam, hindi naman siya [Direk Joyce] ang kasama ko, eh," patay-malisya kunwaring sagot ni Marian.

Ibig bang sabihin nito ay iba ang direktor sa next project niya with GMA-7?

"Hindi ko alam!" tili niya ulit. "Magagalit sa akin management, [baka sabihin] pinangungunahan ko sila. Basta ang hirap kasi sabihan na, ‘Ito ang next project mo.' Hangga't hindi ka pa nagte-taping, hangga't wala pang presscon, mahirap ‘yon."

Hindi pa rin daw alam ni Marian kung sino ang magiging leading man niya sa susunod niyang TV show.

Ano ang naramdaman niya nang malaman niya kung ano ang next project niya?

"Siyempre, masaya ako," sabi niya, "Actually, kahit ano namang project ang ibigay sa akin ng GMA, basta sunud-sunod lang yung projects ko, masaya na ako nun. Siyempre, excited din."

Biro kay Marian, kung napa-splash ba ang mga paa niya nang malaman niya ang next role niya.

"Ano ba?!" natatawang sabi ng young actress. "Alam n'yo, magagalit sa akin yung management talaga."

Anyway, nakapanood na raw ng ibang Dyesebel movies si Marian at ang favorite niya na gumanap sa naturang role ay si Alice Dixson.

"Kasi unique yung kanya. ‘Tsaka ano, exposed talaga [yung breasts], yung talagang walang kiyeme," paliwanag niya kung bakit niya nagustuhan si Alice bilang Dyesebel.

Sinabi noon ni Marian sa isa niyang interview na willing din siyang mag-topless kung saka-sakaling sa kanya nga ibigay ang role na Dyesebel.

"Ah oo, willing talaga ako," ulit niya. "Siyempre, mas maganda kasi yung ginagawa mo nang walang [takip]. Depende kapag ako ang binigyan nila ng project na ‘yon."

Dahil mahaba ang buhok ni Dyesebel, biniro na naman ng entertainment press si Marian na meron pa siyang isang buwan para magpahaba ng buhok in time for the start of the taping sa March.

"May extension namang tinatawag!" balik-biro rin ni Marian na wala pa ring tigil sa kakatawa. -- PEP

Do you think Marian would fit into the fins of Dyesebel? Or do you have your own bet for the next Filipina mermaid?

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Lobo Episode 5

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Palos Episode 4

Giancarlos' assignment is to catch Fabio at all costs.

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